Visible Measures Offers New In-Stream Ads, Video To Publishers

Along with brand partners, publishers are wising up to the fact that force-feeding viewers is a lost cause. In response, technology vendors are tailoring their platforms and services to offer video ads on viewer terms.
Starting Tuesday, for example, Visible Measures will begin to allow publisher partners to deliver both skippable in-stream -- Skipstream and ChoiceRoll -- ads as well as promoted video such as native placements.
This choice-based approach will offer a new inventory source for publishers, according to Paul Krasinski, CMO of Visible Measures. “Choice-based video works, and we wanted to open up our technology so publishers don’t have to create solutions on their own,” Krasinski said on Monday.
Clients include CBS, Fox, Forbes, Conde Nast, BizJournals, WordPress and BlogHer.
Driven by new technology and social media, consumers are now accustomed to managing media on their terms. Agencies, publishers, media platforms and vendors are still struggling to fit ads into this new paradigm.  
Krasinski believes Visible Measures is cracking the code. “We are seeing incredible demand for choice-based video for both native placement and in-stream,” he said.” As such, “we believe the adoption rate will be high, but it is always difficult to give an exact prediction.”
Founded in 2005 as an analytics firm, Visible Measures launched an ad platform, Viewable Media, in 2011.
“When we made the move from offering measurement capabilities only to include media distribution, [the company] grew tremendously,” Krasinski said.
Clients include P&G, Ford, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and Unilever, along with media agencies such as Starcom MediaVest Group, Zenith-Optimedia, GroupM and Omnicom.

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