Protection 1 Guards Everything (Including Cookies)

A security system is all about protecting the valuable things inside: jewelry, electronics and cookies.

Protection 1, which offers business and home security, has enlisted sports radio personalities Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic (of ESPN’s “Mike and Mike”) to illustrate how the system protects a home and the possessions inside. In this case, it’s Greenberg’s home and his cookies. 

In a television commercial running on ESPN properties, Greenberg and his wife are seen going to the store for milk to go with some fresh-baked cookies. After they set their alarm system (represented by a football player), Golic is seen trying to break into the house to steal the cookies. With the system, Greenberg is able to see his radio cohort defeated by the security system, as his wife rolls her eyes. 



The new campaign comes after a successful test with the personalities earlier this year, which resulted in a 100% commercial brand awareness lift, says Jamie Haenggi, chief marketing officer and customer experience officer for Protection 1. The new concept grew out of a session with Greenberg, who suggested his on-air partner is known for eating and should be seen trying to break into his home, she says. 

In addition to television and radio advertising, the company is also sponsoring the “Defensive Player of the Week” highlight during the “Mike and Mike” show. 

“We felt the whole ‘defensive’ aspect played in well for our whole business,” Haenggi tells Marketing Daily.  “[It] speaks directly to what we do — we are our customers’ best defensive player, we are there to protect your home and your business even when you’re not.”

The company is also engaging in a social marketing campaign, using the hashtag #ProtectYourCookies. Over the next week, the company will also be giving away cookies to fans using the hashtag, Haenggi says.

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