Klout Score Becomes Trigger For Twitter Tweets In Broadcast Television, Paid Media

Mass Relevance and Klout have formed a partnership allowing broadcast networks to integrate tweets into television shows, and publishers on Web landing pages supporting online paid media campaigns. The companies plan to announce the relationship to cross online media with television late Wednesday.

The platform analyzes Klout scores, pulling and using Twitter tweets from people who have scores in a specific range. The tweets related to the brand serve up during the television show or on the landing pages of paid media, explains Tyler Singletary, director of platform at Klout. Brands can curate Tweets from the top Klout scores and use the best content.

"The Klout score becomes another criterion for brands and broadcasters to filter and use tweets," Singletary said. "People who see content from Klout influencers are two times more likely to click through to an advertiser's page."

Content sourced from Twitter users and filtered through Klout gains about four times more retweets than the average. Brands can create a stream of tweets from influencers with a Klout Score of at least 65 to feed into TV shows, photo walls or heat maps.

Singletary believes that serving up the tweet on a television show based on someone's Klout score will encourage others to engage with the brand and social media. The scores are determined by a person's overall influence -- defined as the ability to drive action and analyzed across 12 social networks -- and take into account the topics people identify as most relevant to a brand and its audience.

In less than five years, Singletary believes the industry will see Twitter tweets more tightly integrated in television shows. Consumers will have an option to touch the TV screen and click through to the content on a landing page, similar to the way they do today on a desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. It will give consumers an option to click through the TV screen to learn more about the brand.

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  1. Stacey Mayer from AWhiteHorse.com, November 2, 2013 at 11:08 p.m.

    If only this had been in time to save Caprica. They would've heard from us!

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