Is Social Keeping Click-Throughs Alive?

  • November 4, 2013
Despite many publishers’ open disdain for click-through rates, there’s a sense that social media -- with all its liking, and retweeting is keeping the measurement alive. So Kathryn Koegel, founder and Chief of Insights at Steampunkt Collaborative, suggested on a panel at OMMA Premium on Monday.

Socially-driven or not, “click metrics are still there … but just one part of the puzzle,” reasoned Andrea Ching, senior vice president of marketing and promotions at CNN News Network. Neil Katz, editor-in-chief and vice president of content at The Weather Company, described click-through rates as something the industry would love to move beyond, but has yet to successfully do so.

Regardless, he said, “We focus on stuff that [readers] want to share socially.” Bigger picture, “we’ve always measured [click-throughs] because we could,” said Robin Riddle, global publisher of WSJ Custom Content Studios. “On a certain level you should measure [clicks], and it does have value.”
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