Anthony's Ads Take Faux PSA Tack Against Bad Pizza

  • November 6, 2013
Denver-based Anthony's Pizza & Pasta has launched a new, regional campaign that spotlights the quality and fresh ingredients of its own pizzas by warning parents about the "silent scourge" of "bad pizza" at fast food chains, using tongue-in-cheek creative that mimics public service advertising.

The campaign, created by Cultivator Advertising & Design, Denver, targets Denver DMA familes with kids ages six through 18.

Three 30-second radio spots convey Anthony's "goodness" message by urging parents to "talk to your kids about pizza."

One, for instance, states: "You want the best for your children. Unfortunately, large corporate pizza chains don’t. Every day they make millions of bad pizzas, full of chemicals and preservatives. Pizzas that replace real olive oil with soybean oil, cheese with cheese-like products, and meat with...meat crumbles. But there’s something you can do. Eat Anthony’s pizza. Real pizza from real ingredients.” All three spots close: “This message sponsored by Anthony’s Pizza. Eat good pizza.”

Similarly, billboards and transit bus tails and panels allude to classic PSAs with headlines such as "“A Child’s Palette is a Terrible Thing to Waste,” “Just Say No to Bad Pizza,” “Only You Can Keep Kids off Bad Pizza” and “Family Pizza Night. Treat it with Respect.”

All of the ads direct consumers to a new microsite,, which offers facts about Anthony’s fresh and local pizza ingredients versus fast-food pizza ingredients.

The radio spots are airing on eight top regional stations, Four different billboard messages appear at rotating high-trafficsites, and three different transit messages run on Denver metro bus lines. 

The media agency is Explore Communications, also based in Denver.

Anthony's, serving New York-style pizzas since 1984, is in the midst of a rebranding effort that includes remodeling of its 25 franchise locations in Denver and outlying areas. 



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