Kantar Media Letting Agencies Compare Exchanges, Ad Tech Vendors

Kantar Media has announced additions to its SRDS.com database offering, including the ability for marketers and agencies to compare digital ad networks, exchanges, and other ad tech vendors.

The company says the new SRDS database has over 150 tech vendor profiles curated by Kantar. Each listing has between 30-80 standardized data points to allow for comparison between services, platforms, pricing structures, and formats.

"Today’s digital media buyers and planners are often tasked with the time-consuming challenge of researching and recommending appropriate ad tech vendors to their marketer clients,” stated Stephen Davis, president of Kantar Media SRDS. He added that the database includes information as to what differentiates similar vendors.

While the information about the ad nets, exchanges, and vendors is, in theory, neutral, the way it's presented can be skewed. The company noted that companies listed on the database can purchase premium listings and paid search programs to increase their visibility.

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  1. William Lederer from iSOCRATES, November 11, 2013 at 9:29 a.m.

    Really appreciate the improvements Kantar has made to SRDS since its purchase from Nielsen. In particular, adding more digital publishers and vendors and more attributes on each is key. Next, better usability and workflow integration would be helpful.

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