Facebook's FBX Grows Quarter-Over-Quarter, Spend Up 45% In Q3

Data on the Q3 use of the Facebook Exchange (FBX), Facebook's real-time bidding (RTB) advertising exchange, has been out for a while now, but new data from Netmining looks inside the quarter-over-quarter numbers of four key verticals: retail, insurance, travel, and B2B.

On FBX as a whole, impressions were up 33% in Q3, as were clicks. Media spend increased 45% in Q3 after a 42% jump in the previous quarter.

"Overall, FBX growth is gaining momentum quarter over quarter as more marketers become familiar and receptive of FBX inventory, and as optimization strategies improve," Netmining wrote.

Looking inside the retail, insurance, travel, and B2B verticals, all four increased their media spend at roughly the same rate in Q3. Insurance (49%) increased spend the most of the four. B2B (47%), travel (45%), and retail (45%) were all close to 50% increases in spend as well.

All four verticals also saw increases in clicks, but none as much as B2B. From Q1 to Q2 of this year, B2B advertisers actually saw their clicks on FBX decrease by 51%. However, the vertical rebounded from Q2 to Q3, as clicks surged 197%. Similarly, B2B's impressions were down 39% from Q1 to Q2 but shot up 123% in Q3.

Travel was similar in that its clicks were down 13% from Q1 to Q2 but rebounded up 33% in Q3. Retail (30%) and insurance (53%) also saw considerable increases in clicks in Q3.

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  1. Alison Morris from Triggit, November 13, 2013 at 6:03 p.m.

    Great article! As you've noted, FBX retargeting is driving record-breaking performance as volume continues to increase, with higher CTRs and lower CPCs than traditional marketing channels, not to mention higher conversion rates (2-4%!) and higher ROAS. In the year since FBX launched, we're seeing a 27x increase in CTR and 50% decrease in CPC.
    Dynamic News Feed Ads are contributing to even stronger performance since Facebook released this new inventory earlier this year. Check out
    this infographic on FBX News Feed adoption rates and performance:


    Direct response marketers must allocate marketing
    dollars to this channel to realize these impressive returns, but they need to do retargeting right. Not all DSP's are the same, and some will of course drive better results than others. In fact, Nanigans revealed
    their aggregate FBX retail CTRs in a recent report, proving that over 200 retailers could instantly improve their CTR and get 3X higher ROAS with Triggit!

    Details here: http://bit.ly/HJUbkI

    As we move into the 2013 holiday season, we're thrilled to see FBX retargeting continuing to surge ahead as more and more advertisers realize this is a must-have to drive sales and increase ROI.

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