British Airways Offers Vacation Choices

British Airways is launching a campaign with a  creative way for travelers to choose their own adventure and experience an authentic version of Europe’s most famous cities.

The “Yourope” campaign is intended to inspire U.S. travelers to visit Barcelona, Rome, Berlin and Paris. The campaign features videos that highlight two different itineraries for each city (for example, travelers can choose between “posh” or “punk” Berlin and “classic” or “curious” Paris). The videos give both new and seasoned travelers ways to find novel adventures in the popular European cities.

“We know our customers have different tastes and different motivations for travel so we designed a campaign that would celebrate those different perspectives,” said John McDonald, Americas VP marketing, British Airways, in a release. “We believe the adventures in each Yourope video will provide new ideas for even the most seasoned traveler.”



On the British Airways Web site, travelers can find their dream experience by simply clicking their city of choice in the video and upon “landing” in that city, they will select one of two itineraries, which gives a “choose your own adventure” feel. After experiencing the trip through the video, travelers can print the specific itinerary and receive travel package details for the catered trip based on the lowest-priced flights available.

British Airways also will launch six-second travel postcards through Vine, featuring a snapshot of each city, encouraging travelers to create their own, as well. People will be able to view the videos and create their own versions. In addition, Pinterest boards will be designed for each European destination showcasing the beautiful scenery, incredible landmarks, and hidden gems in each city.

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