Resonate, TubeMogul Partner To Bring New Type Of Targeting To Online Video

Adding to the already packed list of "something-based targeting," TubeMogul and Resonate have announced a partnership that will bring "motivation-based targeting" to online video advertising. The companies claim the ability to know the "personal motivations behind why consumers are taking actions" has not been possible before.

The companies claim the mix of Resonate's analytics -- which they say identifies "why" consumers act in addition to "what" and "who" -- meshed with TubeMogul's own video ad-buying data, gives brands data on a consumer's "societal values, personal beliefs, and detailed product preferences."

A Resonate representative differentiated "motivation targeting" from the more familiar "behavioral targeting" by saying "motivations are the reasons why people take action, whereas behavioral targeting is based on what people are doing or did."

The rep continued: "For example, you visit a site and shop for a running shoe. You are now a running shoe 'intender.' Yet, there is no context to why you want that running shoe -- because you are motivated by fashion? By fitness?"

The companies cited initial campaigns using the new data as having an average completion rate of 90% for 15-second pre-roll video ads, compared to 77% when the "motivation" data was not used. For 30-second pre-rolls, the difference was not as noticeable: the completion rate when using the data was 76% versus 71% when not using it.

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