Revamped Gatorade Site Aims To Engage Teen Athletes

gatoradeGatorade has unveiled a revamped site that's specifically geared to engaging teen athletes, and makes the most of its multi-year brand spokesperson deal with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, signed in February. now features an interactive section called "The Science of G," in which Newton's body serves as a virtual guide showing what happens internally during football play, and how Gatorade "fuels him every step of the way."

A series of in-body videos that explain how carbohydrates, electrolytes and protein interact with organs and muscles, and how these nutrients can help improve sports performance.



In addition, Gatorade has partnered with DC Comics to create an animated comics area called “Freaks,” featuring narratives of how Newton and fellow Gatorade spokesperson J.J. Watt (defensive end for the Houston Texans) became star athletes.

Newton, as his animated alter ego "The Blender," advises a young fan to take the same advice that he received from his father at a young age: Learn from your favorite athletes, but adapt their styles to your own abilities.

Watts's animated alter ego, "MegaWatt," shares how hard work on and off the field enabled him to become a dominant lineman.

“We know that the science behind fueling athletic performance can be complex,” said Morgan Flatley, Gatorade VP of marketing. “We’ve redesigned to provide a mix of fun education and engaging content that will help athletes better understand our brand, our products and our science.”

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