Go Mobile To Shortcut Holiday Shopping

The holidays are quickly upon us, and those who are traditionally last-minute shoppers are more likely to get caught off guard as Thanksgiving falls late into November, creating a short shopping season. If you’re a guy, then, of course, you are a last-minute shopper. It’s in the chromosomes, but we’re here to help.

Truth is, many retailers offer great mobile commerce experiences that cater to the procrastinators among us, and can even inspire us to get shopping earlier in the season when we otherwise wouldn’t consider putting time aside to hit the stores. If you still have leaves to rake, chances are you’re not planning any mall runs soon. 

That’s why we have a few tips for mobile holiday shopping that will make the gifts you place under the tree everyone’s favorites.

Be a Social Troll for Great Gift Ideas: Social media is a gift for the gift-buying uninspired, because chances are, people on your gift list have already created a trail of breadcrumbs for you to follow.

  • Pinterest: Pinterest, in particular, is a treasure trove for discovering what the women on your list will enjoy. Yes, we realize you’re probably not very familiar with Pinterest. Do you know any guys who have a Pinterest page? For their fantasy football team helmet decoration ideas, perhaps? Yeah, I didn't think so. Women, on the other hand, love Pinterest, so just follow the pins and you’re likely to surprise her with something she’s sure to enjoy. 
  • Instagram: Instagram might give you ideas for a hint of a significant other’s favorite speciality retailers and styles. 
  • Amazon: Do a search on Amazon to see if your family and friends have a wish list; lots of people save things they see in passing for future reference. 
  • Facebook: Even Facebook can offer hints; troll a friend’s upcoming events, and you might come up with the perfect gift to make that person’s night out special.

Black Friday Deals without the Work: Mobile holiday shopping means you can kill two birds with one stone on Black Friday. If you don’t want to join the masses who descend upon shopping malls for Black Friday bargains, get situated in front of the TV with your leftovers and a strong wifi signal. Retailers are planning great online Black Friday deals. Knock out holiday shopping while you watch traditional Black Friday rivalries like Nebraska-Iowa or the PAC-12’s Annual Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State. If the tryptophan has you too tired to reach for your tablet on Friday, there’s always Cyber Monday, to which many retailers cater with great deals and shipping discounts.

Gift Cards are King, but Experiences Make the Memory: Gift card sales continue to grow; they’re the ultimate easy, one-size-fits-all gift. Online retailers often have ecard options or fast and free shipping to ensure you’ll get yours in plenty of time.

If you’re feeling like you’re punting when you buy a gift card, pair it with a great experience. Score some tickets to a night of live music, theater or comedy along with a gift card from a nearby restaurant. Buy some advance ski lift tickets and match with a gift card for a local ski shop or an overnight stay. Package together gift cards and online purchases for the ultimate holiday gift. 

Don’t Panic: With Christmas falling on a Wednesday this year, the window for getting your gifts shipped for the holidays is forgiving. Last-minute shoppers may order gifts from Amazon by Monday, Dec. 23, for overnight delivery. Even some eBay sellers will try to accommodate overnight shipping requests to ensure your gift arrives on time. Of course, last-minute shoppers run the risk of items being out of stock, but searching online for hard-to-find items is much more efficient than running store to store in a hopeless search.

Have other great tips for making the most of mobile commerce over the holidays? Share them here, and best of luck to all you procrastinators.

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