Cross-Platform Media Consumption Up For Young Kids

kidswatchingtvPost-millennial media consumers -- those kids born since 2005 -- are using more media than ever before.
Media consumption among kids has grown 7% to 35 hours a week over the past four years  -- an increase of 2.2 hours since 2009, according to a Nickelodeon research study.

Good news for the kids cabler, according to the study: TV usage is up 12% versus nine years ago, per Nielsen data, in spite of growing alternative media platforms and media devices.

That said, other media is also climbing. Computer and gaming consoles make 27% of kids' daily media consumption. Tablet usage is now 8% of their daily media consumption.

Gaming is their No. 1 activity across devices: 96% of kids say they use their computer for gaming, compared to 88% on the tablet and 86% on the smartphone.

The study also says 75% of kids say they watch short-form video on their “iDevice”. Also more than half of kids with such a device now watch more long-form programming content, 23% higher than a year ago.

Young Boys Watching TV photo from Shutterstock



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