McCann Creates Voice Signature Tool For New Gun Control Effort

McCann New York has created a new online tool for Voices Against Violence, a grassroots organization that is dedicated to stricter gun control laws.

VAV has a Web site that solicits online signatures for a petition supporting its cause. The McCann-created tool converts individual voices into visual identities called voice signatures -- which, like fingerprints, are different for each individual. And just as a written signature is added to a traditional petition, the voice signature is added to the site’s oral petition against gun violence. 

Visitors to the site are prompted to say their name and the phrase: "My voice matters." The phrase, recorded as an individual voice signature, is added to the petition. Leading off the petition is singer and entertainer Tony Bennett, whose son Danny founded VAV.

The Web site and petition with the voice-conversion tool (called a first by McCann) launched online this week. Dan Gross, president of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, stated, "This website will serve as a physical reminder of the voices that have been ignored by Congress and silenced by gun violence.”



Sean Bryan, McCann New York chief creative officer, who led this pro bono initiative, said: "No matter where people stand on the subject of guns, horrific scenes of the past few years have led to almost universal agreement that guns are too easy to get. Yet there is no legislation before Congress that would require simple background checks prior to gun purchases. VAV offers people this unique opportunity to speak out."

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