How To Create A Client-Optimized Experience On Your Web Site

According to Gartner, digital marketing will be one of the top three imperatives on 100 percent of CEO agendas in 2013 as connected customers continue to drive a transformation throughout global business. As such, companies need to evolve their traditional marketing practices to optimize communications across the digital marketing channels that customers are using most.

An important element of solving for today's hyper-connected consumer is ensuring that your brand Web site is optimized and allows for personalization to guide customers. Here are a few tactics that marketers can use to better connect with their customers online.

  • Responsive design – Consumers keep their smartphones with them an average of 16 hours per day. Make sure your Web site is optimized for mobile and tablet viewing.
  • Testing – Constantly test your content to make sure it is appealing, relevant and optimized for client needs and preferences.
  • Client testimonial – Build out testimonial videos, case studies and other collateral. Make your customer the hero.
  • Open dialogue – Offer options for live chat, requesting more information and display your contact information to make it easy for Web visitors to get in touch. Make your social channels obvious and one click away, or fully embedded into your site.
  • Know your weak spots – Use heat mapping to see where visitors are clicking on your Web site in tandem with A/B testing and analytics to identify weak spots and better serve customer needs.
  • Loading speed – Ensure that your site loads quickly by Web hosting your fonts, optimizing images for minimal file size and utilizing smart, tidy CSS for the best coding and design.
  • Demo requests – When a customer requests a demo, this is a cue that they are very interested in your product. Content on your site should drive customers to want more and ultimately request a demo, so make sure requesting a demo is easy.
  • Product detail – Include content and deliverables that are highly specific and focused so that customers can easily find the information they need. Use marketing automation to suggest pages and content based on customer interest, preferences, etc.
  • Live communication – Consider using live video Q&A sessions and chat capabilities around events, product releases and company news.
  • Keep it fresh – Include voices from clients and thought leaders via your blog, videos and case studies to keep your Web site fresh and relevant. Encourage staff to write blog posts on their areas of expertise, as well as guest authors to discuss industry trends and content to achieve a full and knowledgeable voice.



The value in an optimized Web site isn’t just delivering more targeted marketing messages -- it’s the intelligence and optimization that is created to deliver a 1-to-1 ongoing relationship with each customer. Above all, exceptional content and design are the most important features of a great Web site. Make sure your brand voice is always followed and developed across all digital channels. Authentic and reliable content will ensure that your brand earns credibility and attracts positive attention.

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