AdZone: Online Budgets Up In October

Total online advertising expenditures rose in October to $741 million, up from $696 million in September, but still far below January's $826 million--the high for the year, according to new data released yesterday by AdZone Research. The Calverton, N.Y.-based company compiled the information by tracking impressions on approximately 2,500 Web sites, then estimated the ad spend based on the sites' rate cards. The company tracked banner ads, pop-ups, and text ads embedded in the pages, said AdZone's President and Chief Operating Officer John A. Cardona.

Technology marketers were the biggest online advertisers in October, shelling out $188 million for around 17 billion Internet impressions, according to AdZone. The second-biggest online spenders were businesses, such as online classified companies, advertising agencies, and trade show marketers. As a group, they bought about 8.2 billion impressions for $90 million--half as much as computer companies or other technology marketers.

Retail merchants came in third at 8.5 billion impressions for $87 million, and banks, mortgage companies, and other financial services providers were the fourth-largest online advertisers--purchasing 7.1 billion impressions for about $80 million.

Online ad spending for the weeks before and after Thanksgiving showed estimated expenditures of $235 million for the week ending Dec. 1, up from $226 for the week ending Nov. 24.



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