Forget Measurement Without Actionable Data!

Stop investing in measurement for measurement’s sake! The data experts couldn’t stress this point enough at OMMA’s Search Insider Summit on Wednesday. The point of measurement is actionable insights, and if you’re not getting those then stop what you’re doing (!), said David Wiener, Director of Product & Platform Strategy at BlueKai. The name of the game is “measurement for activation,” he said. Yet, that doesn’t mean that marketers can ignore the bigger picture, said James Mathewson, Senior Digital Strategist for Search and Content Strategy at IBM. “Campaigns stand and fall based on the whole ecosystem,” he stressed, so it’s critical to think big. As for the best places to glean actionable insights online, Facebook is a good place to start, said David Mihalek, Senior Search Manager, Universal McCann. Why? “You are who you are on Facebook,” he said, adding that there's no confusing a consumer’s Facebook profile with anyone else.

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