Reaching the Mobile Holiday Shopper

  • by December 17, 2013

Mobile marketing has a lot in common with retail stores’ shelves and racks. Whether or not you’re in the retail business, think back to the last store you visited. Consider which products you noticed at eye level and how you maneuvered your way around the aisles. In a store, the shelf is the touchpoint where the consumer meets the brand. In digital marketing, the mobile device becomes that point of interaction.

Consumers are so increasingly connected that some argue we never actually go shopping -- we are always shopping. Consider the following:

From Facebook and Twitter to email and apps, many of your customer interactions happen via mobile. Here are a few quick tips to unlock the power of mobile this holiday season.

First, acquire opt-ins for your mobile program. Customers who follow you on multiple channels are your best customers. The more they engage, the higher their purchase propensity -- so promote your push notification and SMS programs to customers who have downloaded your app. Offer incentives like holiday sweepstakes, notifications for stock on seasonal items and more.

If your brand has brick-and-mortar locations, be sure that in-store staff and signage promote your mobile programs. Customers need to know about sales before they even walk in the door to ensure they prioritize your store over your competitor’s. 

Next, prepare onboarding and welcome series marketing programs. Remember that customers expect communications to speak directly to their behaviors, preferences and history with your brand. As you welcome new subscribers to your programs, keep in mind that targeting criteria (like previous shopping experiences) can make your welcome messages valuable from the start. Create a customer profile for each individual with their unique preferences that is actionable across every marketing channel, to ensure that you deliver a seamless 1:1 customer experience, no matter what the channel.

Your welcome series can also include the option for subscribers to tell you what they want to receive throughout your mobile relationship. For example, ask them to text in the three products for which they would most appreciate special offers, or ask them for the state or city of their favorite store so you can target future messages and offers.

Remember, a mobile phone number becomes much more valuable when it’s paired with an email address, Facebook page or Twitter handle. The more data you have, the smarter you can be in your mobile strategy. As you acquire new mobile customers, consider the right opportunity to ask for permission to message through additional channels. Some retailers are now asking for email or social media information during key interactions, such as SMS opt-in, app registration/download or point of purchase.

Using two channels to communicate gives you a useful second touchpoint. Start with these creative tactics for engaging your mobile subscribers:

  • Send dynamic coupon codes
  • Promote your app
  • Ask mobile subscribers to join your email database
  • Promote your brand’s social media accounts
  • Tie in current events
  • Set up a keyword response program
  • Send a countdown
  • Take a vote
  • Send a data-triggered message
  • Enhance SMS with APIs

 The possibilities for mobile this holiday are endless. With a little creativity, relevant messages and personalized content you will be top of mind for the holiday shopper. Make sure you are giving customers the best experience possible this holiday season, and they will stay engaged all year long.


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  1. Leo Scullin from MMA, December 17, 2013 at 9:21 a.m.

    Great summary of good ideas - must reading for brands!

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