Wunderman, MEC 'Choreograph' A New Venture

WPP sibling agencies Wunderman and MEC have launched a joint venture called Choreograph that pulls together data from an array of sources in real-time, that’s designed to enable clients to quickly reach consumers with timely new messages.

Gurval Caer, Wunderman’s chief innovation and marketing officer in New York has been tapped as the venture’s president for the U.S.

The agencies said that the venture is a response to clients “rethinking and reorganizing their agency relationships.”  Marketers, they said, want a more dynamic approach to content creation and distribution. 

“Marketers are struggling to keep pace with consumers’ behaviors,” said Caer. “By combining datasets previously fragmented, we can unlock the complexity behind the everyday lives of consumers, and by combining media, creative and data we can better engage the right consumers with the right experience at the right time.”

Added Charles Courtier, global CEO of MEC: “We live in an always-on world. We search, shop and are socially active and entertained online. Today, clients think about brand, media and purchase as one single landscape. Demand is growing from marketers for a joined-up agency offer that mirrors how they are now organizing themselves.”  



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