Meredith Taps Tremor To Sell Remnant Pre-Roll

Meredith Corp. has struck a deal with Tremor Video giving the latter responsibility for selling Meredith’s unsold desktop pre-roll video advertising inventory. The deal gives Tremor exclusive access to all Meredith Digital’s unsold video inventory across various sites, including, and
Lauren Wiener, Tremor’s president of global sales and marketing, touted the brand-safe quality of Meredith’s lifestyle video content targeting female consumers, while Meredith chief digital officer Andy Wilson noted that Tremor works with a number of big brand advertisers, ensuring a high-quality viewer experience across both editorial and advertising.
The partnership comes on the heels of a series of moves by Meredith to expand its digital footprint, including the acquisition of popular food Web site, adding to its magazine sites.

According to Meredith, receives more than 1 billion visits a year from an audience that is 65% female, with an average household income of $75,000. Its mobile apps have been downloaded more than 18.5 million times.
Together, Meredith Digital’s sites reach a total of around 50 million unique visitors per month with content, including around 9,000 original videos in 2013 alone. In 2012, the company’s mobile apps had an audience of 21 million unique visitors.

Tremor has recently been moving to expand its programmatic buying offerings, including the hiring of a 10-person team from Mobclix. It is tasked with developing brand-safe programmatic sales platform incorporating key brand metrics into the planning and execution of video ad campaigns.



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