TrackingROI Launches Fraud Fighting Site

  • December 20, 2004
TrackingROI, a Baltimore, Md.-based ad tracking company yesterday announced the launch of, an online community and database dedicated to fighting the click fraud that plagues online advertisers--ghost clicks by a program or an individual who has no intention or interest in purchasing a product.

The site,, which has been in development for the last six months and went live yesterday, consists of an online community that publicizes to advertisers the threats that click fraud poses to their business, and an online database and proprietary search system that scours the Internet looking for sources of click fraud.

According to's Web site, 2,624 potential scams have been shut down so far. The site's staff, however, thinks there's still a lot left to do. "We don't think we're halfway yet. That number is going to keep growing and growing. A year from now, we may be at the million mark. It's just incredible the number of threats that are out there," Matthew Fowkes, a spokesman for, said.

-- Shankar Gupta



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