NEW! Molson Canadian's Beer Fridge Reunites Friends, Travels To Indonesia

molsonCanadians are serious about hockey and beer. Last year, Molson Canadian beer traveled throughout Europe with a fridge stocked with beer. The catch was opening it; a Canadian passport had to be scanned for the fridge to open and beer to be shared. This year, the beer fridge went to a more remote location -- the Gili Islands, Indonesia -- to reunite three friends. This 2:45 video follows two Canadians traveling to Indonesia with a red fridge full of Molson Canadian and a satellite system so their transplanted friend can watch the Olympics. Getting there is an experience, since there are no motorized vehicles in the Gili Islands, so the friends travel by water taxis, mules, on foot. I found watching the friends reunite after many years apart such a sweet moment. It’s not often that you see three grown men tear up, but it happens when Morgan opens his door to find his two longtime friends greeting him. The video will air during the Canadian World Junior hockey tournament at the same length, taking up entire commercial breaks. See it here. Rethink created the campaign, directed by Tyler Williams of Untitled Films.

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