E! Launches Social Scavenger Hunt For New Show

When you create a show about people who have gained notoriety through social media, it only makes sense to use social media to promote that show. 

In advance of the premiere of E! Network’s newest show, “#RichKids of Beverly Hills,” the cable net is launching social media scavenger hunts in 20 cities and launching a Web series (featuring two of the stars of the show) about the do’s and don’ts of social media. 

“We’re always looking for ways to organically engage our fans across digital platforms,” John Najarian, executive vice president and general manager of digital and business development at E! Entertainment, tells Marketing Daily. “With ‘#RichKids, there’s so many natural ways to use digital that don’t feel forced and fit with the characters and their lifestyles.”



The show, which premieres on Jan. 19, follows five friends who live in a world of extreme wealth and have found social media fame by documenting their lavish spending, over-the-top lifestyles and its inherent drama on Instagram and Twitter. 

Following the medium that made the show’s stars popular, E! is launching a social media scavenger hunt through which they will be giving away luxury designer items in 20 cities over 20 days. In each market, the network will post a photo clue of a location on its @RichKidsOfBH Instagram and digital media feeds. The first five people to reach the location take a selfie with the item on Instagram and post that picture on Instagram (with the show’s hashtag) will win the item. 

“This generation is growing up where social media is at the root of how they communicate. These ‘Rich Kids’ are the power users of social media,” Najarian says. “[This promotion was] inspired by our characters and their over-the-top lifestyle and plays out on the [platform] that put them on the map, which was Instagram.”

In addition, the network is also creating an original Web companion series, “Dorothy and Morgan’s FABULUXE Guide To Social Media,” where two cast members discuss the do’s and don’ts of social media, such as the best poses for selfies, Throwback Thursday tutorials, and picking the right hashtag for Instagram photos. 

“Because they have their own unique style, they will show the dos and don’ts of living in the social world,” Najarian says. “It’s great because they have a better chance of going viral, and we’re trying to get something that gets people interested.”

The Web episodes will premiere weekly after each East Coast airing of the television show. Given the subjects, stars and projected audience of the show, the second-screen strategy was vital, Najarian says. 

“It’s not so much about what’s happening within the show -- we want people there at those other times,” he says. “When you’re not watching the show, what else can you do with the show?”

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