Mobile Commerce 2013: A Look Back

Time to take a quick look back at the year to see what interested you in the world of mobile commerce.

Info about mobile coupons were at the top of the list, followed by a high degree of interest in the actual activity of shopping.

Looking back at the most read columns here, the most popular was about coupons (Mobile Coupons & the Waning Impact of Printed Circulars.)

In addition to taking the number one spot, columns relating to mobile coupons (The Rise of SMS Mobile Coupons, Coupons & the Gradual Migration to Mobile) comprised three of the four most read stories.

This seems to make sense, since research throughout the year also showed that consumers are consistently attracted to coupons and deals, at the top of most charts of what works in mobile.

While the second most read story related to strategy (The Mobile Strategy Is the Strategy), all of the remaining top 10 related to the actual activity of shopping.

There was the piece about mobile compared to online shopping (How People Shop: Mobile vs. PC) and one focused on the new path to purchase being facilitated by mobile (The Mobile Shopping Life Cycle) that drew interest.

Three also was high readership of articles that dealt with what happens before and in the store.

One of the most read shopping columns focused on how people research on mobile devices before heading to the store (65% Research Online, Then Head to the Store) closely followed by a column with a similar focus (They Research on Smartphones, Buy on Tablets), although they appeared five months apart.

Two more of the most read columns around shopping dealt with what happens in the store.

One detailed the amount of time spent in stores (Shoppers Spend 22 Minutes in Stores; Some Leave in 5 Minutes) while the other dealt with the future value of brick and mortar retailers (Mobile Shoppers & the Hope for Physical Stores).

Our goal is to keep you apprised of the latest mobile commerce developments and trends as the market continues to evolve and mature. I will be curious to see what attracts your interests over the next year.

As we head into a new year, feel free to send along your thoughts.

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