Bacon's To Track Blogs

Bacon's Information, the provider of media research, distribution, monitoring, and evaluation services for public relations and corporate communications professionals, has endeavored to light the depths of the Blogosphere. In January, Bacon's MediaSource will begin sharing with its clients the names of what it considers to be the 250 most reputable blogs, the messages they contain, and the frequency with which client-relevant information appears on them.

Ruth McFarland, senior vice president and publisher for Bacon's, said she vacillated about the significance of blogs, but was sufficiently convinced this year to assign three of her 56 editors to monitor the Blogosphere. "We're adjusting our network because no one is accurately monitoring these guys as their influence continues to grow."

Bacon's is keeping tight raps on its blog list, which covers technology, politics, business, travel, and religion. The racy Wonkette, the Miami Herald's Dave Barry, and the Silicon Valley Watcher are three well-known blogs run by "reputable, credible professionals" that McFarland said will be on the list.



McFarland said her team will "spot check" blogs on a rotating basis, because three editors, together dedicating 60 man hours per week, will not have time to thoroughly fact-check 250 streaming consciousnesses. Over the next year, McFarland will allocate more or less staff based on market demand.

Asked if Bacon's is aware of the risk of associating itself with such a fickle market, McFarland responds: "There's always risk involved when there's so much power and influence at stake."

Bacon's provides coverage of more than 135 broadcast-media markets. Bacon's also tracks print content.

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