Parking Ticket Guy Launches Ad Campaign

Parking ticket foe Glen Bolofsky has launched an outdoor ad campaign encouraging people to contest their violations via his Web site,

Bolofsky, who is president of the company, has taken out ads on billboards located on three major arteries in the New York City area. One billboard can be seen as drivers are heading into Manhattan via the Lincoln Tunnel; another billboard is located on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, and the final billboard is near Yankee Stadium on the Major Deegan Expressway. The copy is simple, yet bold enough to catch eyeballs: "We'll Beat Your Parking Ticket," along with the site URL., which launched in 2001, also advertises online, often on a pay-per-click basis. Bolofsky said that the company is currently doing an Internet campaign targeting businesses with Fleet Management Weekly.

The company itself--which has been around since 1982--is built around a simple concept: Contest your parking ticket via if you win, pay only half the cost of what your ticket would have been. In other words, if you get a ticket for $100, but gets it tossed, you pay the company $50. But Bolofsky won't accept all tickets. For instance, the company declines to accept cases relating to what it considers safety violations such as parking near a fire hydrant, bus stop, crosswalk, sidewalk, or "No Standing" sign.



"People may think they are parked illegally because they received a ticket. But often people are ticketed when they are parked legally," said Bolofsky. "In fact, the City of New York issues a weekday amount of nearly 40,000 parking tickets. We all know there can't be 40,000 lawbreakers every day," he said.

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