NEW! Sonic Launches Exercise Videos To Promote New Line Of Breakfast Foods

SonicSONIC Drive-Ins launched an online video that combines exercising with the company’s new line of breakfast burritos. “Train Your Buds” stars T.J. Jagodowski of Two Guys fame taking on an additional role of fitness instructor, illustrating how customers can exercise with their breakfast food in tow. Who doesn’t want to get in shape at the start of a new year? The video takes place in a Sonic parking lot, where T.J. is accompanied by two women, clad in Jane Fonda-era workout attire and ready to exercise. The trio refers to squats as bacon bends, work their arms by grabbing imaginary napkins and wiping their mouths and do crunches while holding breakfast sandwiches. The workout series is running on Sonic’s Instagram, YouTube and Facebook channels. See it here, created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

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