Butterworth's, Busch Gardens Together For First Time

Waffles and roller-coasters apparently have the same fans. And Mrs. Butterworth’s is set to take advantage of that with a promotion linking its syrup to Busch Gardens amusement parks.

Based on the brand’s proprietary internal research, Mrs. Butterworth’s found more than a third of its consumers are also likely to visit theme parks. To that end, the brand has partnered with Busch Gardens on a Facebook promotion to award a two-day, three-night VIP trip for four to a Busch Garden theme park. 

The so-called “Sweet-stakes” will be promoted on both the Mrs. Butterworth’s and Busch Gardens Facebook pages, and will be supported through promoted posts and other social outreach, according to a company representative.

The brand is furthering the special nature of this promotion by creating a Busch Gardens-themed wrap on its bottle (believed to be the first time the syrup brand has featured another brand on its bottles) available through April. Mrs. Butterworth’s has experienced success in the past by offering limited-edition designed based on holidays or other events to attract new consumers and shorten the syrup-purchase cycle, according to the rep. 



“Through this partnership with Busch Gardens, Mrs. Butterworth’s saw an opportunity to reach its core consumer, imaginative moms,” said Eric Hintz, vice president of marketing with the Mrs. Butterworth’s brand, in a statement. “By creating memorable experiences for families, Mrs. Butterworth’s can drive consumer engagement and brand loyalty, while further building our category leadership.”

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