NEW! M&M'S Star In Faux Movie Trailer To Diffuse Cell Phone Use At The Movies

mmsM&M’S is the latest brand to create a cinema PSA to discourage cell phone use in movie theaters.  Along with a series of movie posters that will run in theater lobbies is a 40-second video of an upcoming M&M'S movie. Sort of.  The PSA marks the first time that all six spokescandies have been featured together in one spot, making heroic efforts to save the world, and themselves, from destruction. As Red desperately tries to stop a rocket that's seconds away from launching, with the remaining 5 M&M's attached to it, someone's cell phone rings. Red stops tinkering with the rocket to yell at the moviegoer and then leaves the scene, with his friends still attached. "This is why we don't make movies" says Red. "Cell phones ruin movies. Please turn them off," closes the ad, seen here and created by BBDO New York.
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