KISS And Tell: Iconic Band Rocks Varvatos' Spring Campaign

Let other fashion houses showcase up-and-coming performers in their fashion ads. Men's designer John Varvatos is going retro by featuring members of the classic rock n' roll band KISS for his spring 2014 collection.

Inspired by the band's “Dressed To Kill” album, creative agency Yard and photographer Danny Clinch showcase band members in their makeup and wearing tailored Varvatos attire. "KISS is so much more than just a band. They've created an iconic brand with a global following," says Stephen Niedzwiecki, Founder and CCO, Yard.

"People know the KISS logo, sound and look no matter where they're located,” added Niedzwiecki. “There is such strong recognition of the KISS brand around the world that for John Varvatos to be able to collaborate with them and leverage the widespread knowledge of who they are is huge." Varvatos says he was inspired by the superhero look of the band members as he designed his spring collection. 

In addition to print ads and social media initiatives, a documentary-style film has been produced that is airing online. The film documents a surprise KISS concert at John Varvatos' Bowery store in New York City, the former location of the famed CBGB club.

This is the 19th season that Varvatos, the Yard, and photographer Clinch have collaborated on fashion campaigns that feature notable musicians. "While every musician we've shot over the past 19 campaigns has been a big statement, there are a few artists that stand out for us," says Niedzwiecki. "Iggy Pop was a major turning point as the third artist we featured. And recently, we experienced that again with Willie Nelson. The video we shot with Willie Nelson has been one of our most successful to date with almost 900,000 hits." It remains to be seen if KISS can top Willie. 

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