Media Products For 2017- Yet To Be Invented

Although senior media executives say launching new media products and services will be big growth drivers this year, they also believe in four years' time, their best-selling products would not have been invented yet.

Media investment banker The Jordan Edmiston Group and independent community-based publisher Econsultancy’s 2014 Media Growth Study surveyed 339 mostly “C” suite executives -- chief executives, chairman, or presidents of media, information, marketing and technology companies.

Responding to the statement that “our top selling product in 2017 hasn’t been invented yet” -- 51% of respondents agreed, 42% disagreed, and 7% had no opinion.

The study also says 71% estimate for 2014 launching new products and services will be top growth drivers in the next one to two years -- up from 61% a year ago.

Another major conclusion: 49% say digital product lines are being hampered by the lack of specialists -- that this is an internal barrier to growth in this area.

At the same time, executives are quick to point out that new IP/software investments for their media companies have risen to 27%, up from 11%. This is partly driven by a push for programmatic buying and selling.

With regard to acquisitions, only 42% of smaller media companies -- those with revenues of $10 million to $50 million -- anticipate targeting media mergers/acquisitions for growth in 2014. This number was 57% for 2013.

Looking at big media/marketing companies, 83% believe mergers will occur for their growth in 2014 -- this versus 78% in 2013.

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