What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas? Not Anymore!

What happens when a bunch of guys get together in a suite in Vegas during a marketing conference and one guy taunts another by imitating a second guy calling the police (claiming to be the first guy) and says he (first guy) was threatened by this guy because he “f*&Ked my wife”? Confused? Well, let us clear it up. All hell breaks loose and the first guy almost hits the second guy with a bottle of liquor. No, seriously. Just watch the video. Recognize the guy? If you've been in the online space for any amount of time, you certainly will. Oh, and if you look at the video's title, that pretty much gives it away as well. A comment on this post gives a bit more back-story on the event, including the fact that casino security and the Las Vegas police got involved. Conference drama at its finest.

Wanna know what ad execs who create witty campaign stunts like Beardvertising  and Kentucky Kicks Ass do in their spare time? If you're Cornett IMS's Whit Hiler you create an indoor range where people can go to drink sake and throw ninja stars. And you create a video that makes use of the popular YouTube video, Best Death Scene Ever. Of his creative vision, Hiler wrote, "To my inner 12 year-old self the concept was a dream come true. Alcohol and throwing stars. Throwing stars and alcohol. Everyone loves throwing stars and everyone loves alcohol. Everyone loves ninjas. I love ninjas. Why the hell didn’t something like this exist? Seeing a need for an establishment that allows people to pound sake and chuck throwing stars, I set out to bring this business to life.....on the Interwebs of course."

What happens if you are a brand and you let your agency take over your Facebook page for a bit? In many cases it can result in mundane boredom so acute you could fall asleep after downing 12 Starbucks Espressos. On the other hand, it could result in wittylicious hilarity. And that's pretty much what happened when Integer Dallas took over Slurpee's Ask A Slurpee Hour -- the page suddenly became interesting. Check it out.



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