Media Management Inc. Patents 'Circle Audit' System

Media Management Inc. has patented its ad auditing platform called Circle Audit. The firm claims that it is “the only media audit firm that utilizes a patented software solution.”

According to MMI, the system answers definitively whether advertisers “get what they pay for” at a “fair” price — and whether buys are managed according to client expectations.  

According to Thomas E. Bridge, MMI’s CEO, “this achievement further reinforces our commitment to our clients in providing them with the most advanced media audit solution available. The foundation of every media audit should rest on accurately reconciled invoiced activity. We designed and patented Circle Audit to provide that foundation.”

The St. Louis-based company has been auditing media buys for nearly 19 years. The company says it expects to audit more than $13 billion in media transactions in 2014.

MMI also has formed strategic alliances with other companies to offer additional monitoring services, such as TV production expenses and executive compensation. Most recently, the company announced a partnership with European-based ECI Media Management to provide benchmark standards between international markets.



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