Tim Tebow Stars In T-Mobile Super Bowl Ads, Loving Life Without A Contract

Tim Tebow couldn't score a long-term contract with a NFL team, but at least he has a sense of humor. Tebow stars in two Super Bowl ads for T-Mobile, highlighting the advantages of life without multiyear contracts in his personal and mobile life. This is T-Mobile's first time advertising in the Super Bowl. In "No Contract, No Worries," Tebow addresses the rumors that he was looking to sign a long-term NFL deal. He's content without a contract and lists his accomplishments of the past year. Tebow delivered a baby, tackled Bigfoot, brokered world peace and played football on the moon. "Contracts are limiting. Yes, they are," says Tebow. See it hereIn "Still No Contract," Tebow continues to weigh his options and try new career changes like bull rider, stuntman, sexy fireman rescuing puppies, and rockstar. Watch it hereBoth ads use the #nocontract hashtag and were a pleasant surprise in this year's Super Bowl round-up.
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