Online Video Ads Still Dominate Videology Platform

Video ad platform Videology on Wednesday released an infographic that provides an overview of the U.S. video market during Q4 2013. The company managed 3.2 billion ad impressions last quarter, 16% more than in Q3.

While Videology’s platform saw a 63% increase in total mobile ads quarter-over-quarter -- which led to mobile’s share of all ads on the platform jumping 50% -- those figures don’t tell the whole story.

Mobile ads account for only 3% of all ads managed on Videology's platform.

Online video still reigns supreme for Videology advertisers, as that's where 96% of all ads on the platform in Q4 went. Connected TV ads made up the remaining 1%.

Nearly one-fifth (19%) of the ads managed were from Consumer Goods advertisers, while Automotive and Financial Services advertisers each held a 12% share.

Financial Services increased its share of ads on the platform by 300% compared to Q3, while Telecom (up 120%) and Consumer Electronics (up 167%) also increased their shares to 11% and 8%, respectively.



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  1. Luke mcdonough from AIR.TV, February 12, 2014 at 4:29 p.m.

    Even this "whole story" does not sound like the "whole, whole story..." A lot of advertisers do not have creative that runs in HTML5, and a lot of ad serving platforms still do not support mobile pre-roll, even if they had creative to run...the point is that mobile views on the sites where videology is implemented probably have mobile views in the 20-30% range, not 3%...and it may be that advertisers on those sites would be happy to take that inventory, but they are simply not able to execute in practice...maybe that is your point, but the slide and the article seem to imply that mobile views are still tiny relative to "online," and/or that advertisers reject mobile as a video ad medium...that may be true, but this data does not support that thesis on its own...and it may actually be misleading....

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