MediaCrossing, Lotame Partner For Next Phase In Media Buying

Media trading company MediaCrossing will announce a partnership to combine Lotame's data into its programmatic media buying platform.

The partnership combines MediaCrossing's quantitative analytics and real-time trading with Lotame's unified DMP to create custom audience segments used to trade on the MediaCrossing MX Platform.

The goal is to build an alternative media trading desk and support larger, more sophisticated clients, demonstrating that media buying and selling can operate leaner with more transparency.

"Our future looks a lot like what happened to MediaCrossing in December, when 33% of our transactions occurred between a buyer and a seller, and never touched a DSP, SSP or exchange," said Bill Lederer, MediaCrossing founder. "The trades were all programmatic. We sat in the middle giving buyers and sellers a better deal."



Andy Monfried, Lotame CEO, said marketers have begun paying more attention to finding actionable insights in data that increases performance in campaigns. They look for technology providers to streamline partnerships and integrations across a multitude of channels that can make many sources available in one platform. 

The deal, which combines the two models, takes commodity ad inventory and turns it into a tradable asset by providing additional insights through audience segments. Lotame adds audience data from first-, second- and third-party companies to MediaCrossing's real-time media trading platform.

"Imagine you have a diagram of three circles: ad inventory, audience and price," Lederer said. "The market tends to focus on the ad inventory, and in programmatic, the audience. We tend to understand price action, bidding strategy and the right price to pay for and sell inventory."

Interest from some of the greatest investors in the financial community will help to hone MediaCrossing's model and put a securities trading desk focus on the company's business model.

Brands working with MediaCrossing, billed as the latest entrant the programmatic ad-buying space, can gain a deeper understanding of their cross-channel audiences to scale campaigns to gain efficiency and performance.

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