Video, TV Programmatic Media Buying Needs Better Tools, Methods To Avoid Disruption

Cross-screen advertising campaigns will require marketers to update their programmatic planning and media-buying processes with emerging skills and techniques for video and television ads. The technology may have begun with display ads, but the process is quickly being adopted in other media, although it requires a very different approach.

A recent study from Forrester Research explains that the automation of back-office processes will become standard, but it will require four types of programmatic buying processes to serve different classes of video inventory: proto-programmatic, programmatic direct, private exchange, and open exchange.

The industry needs to standardize methods, create better forecast tools, build up the immature infrastructure, and create better business practices, according to Forrester analyst Jim Nail. While programmatic buying for online video inventory promises to deliver better transparency and flexibility for advertisers, marketers need to address these gaps in the support systems and processes that will slow programmatic buying adoption.



Addressing these limitations will allow marketers to reap benefits from transparency and flexibility delivered by programmatic buying. Television programming delivered online in apps and across devices will hold out the longest, but eventually much of it will become part of the process.

Forrester's Consumer Technographics survey reports that 68% of U.S. online consumers watch some form of online video monthly.

Display ads and video are not the only media that programmatic will support. Expect programmatic buying to invade television within three years, per Nail. Buyers will realize the new buying process will unlock the value of time-shifted viewing. One innovation on the horizon, per Nail, the means for companies to negotiate new rights to with distribution partners like Dish Network that allow downloadable ad serving into recorded programming already downloaded to DVR.

Ultimately, media planners and buyers will find new jobs on the client side because technology will replace them. Major marketers like Mondelez International, which have long had large advertising departments to coordinate ad buys among brands internally, will manage the programmatic buying process by working directly with a vendor, such as TubeMogul.

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