Oscar Wins Up Box-Office Revs By Nearly 20%

Will there be more money for Oscar winners after the big ABC “Academy Awards Show”? It's estimated they will earn nearly 20% more in box-office revenues.

Over the past five years, Best Picture Oscar winners tallied 18.1% more of box-office revenue after winning the big award. Those movies also earned 50.2% of box-office revenue before the Oscar nominations were announced and 31.8% once they were nominated, according to market research company IBISWorld. Plus, those winning films took in about $13.8 million more post-Oscar win than their nominated counterparts.

Movies with a Best Picture nomination averaged $127.7 million in box office receipts, with an average budget of $56.9 million and a 55.7% average profit from just box office revenues.

Losing Best Picture films still garnered some positive results. In the past five years, those that did not win the award -- but were in theaters during the awards season -- earned 14.1% once they were nominated and 2.8% after the awards show. In addition, 83.1% of their box-office revenue came before the nominations were announced.



IBISWorld estimates the whole movie and video production industry took in $32.9 billion in 2013, with an average profit of 7.5%, which includes DVD and streaming digital sales.

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