Buy Or Wait: Esurance App Will Tell You

It’s like living in the future. That’s how Deutsch LA promotes a new online marketing tool for client Esurance called Fuelcaster. It’s not really, but it might help you save a few bucks at the gas pump.

Deutsch claims that Fuelcaster is the first tool in the country that predicts whether gas prices will rise or fall in the next 24 hours. Users navigate to and enter a ZIP code and Fuelcaster will display a “buy” or “wait” recommendation based on whether the price of gas will rise or fall. It will also display up to 10 gas stations with the lowest price in the designated ZIP code area and current prices.

The tool was created out of the shop’s product innovations group, called It’s powered by a service called GasBuddy and uses an algorithm to predict the rise or fall of gas prices.

According to Deutsch the application can predict “price changes with a high degree of confidence.” Which better be the case, or Esurance could have a lot of angry consumers to deal with. That said, you get what you pay for and the app is free.

A video that Deutsch made about the application can be seen here.

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