BoostCTR Rebrands Boost Media, Inks Deals With Google, Marin

BoostCTR will rebrand to Boost Media Thursday, and announce two separate partnerships with bid management tools from DoubleClick, and Marin Software.

Google will bring Boost Media's ad creative optimization platform to the DoubleClick Search platform, allowing advertisers to test ad messages. Writing and optimizing copy remains a challenge for advertisers. Many have neglected the creative element as they focus on expanding their brand's footprint across platforms, shifting ad spend between Bing, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter.

Bid management platforms like DoubleClick and Marin help advertisers identify keywords and segments of customers, as well as determine the amount they are willing to pay to acquire them, explains David Greenbaum, Boost Media CEO. "We also optimize creatives for the Yahoo Bing Network, Facebook and others," he said.



Initially, Boost Media will not integrate with the DoubleClick platform through the user interface, but it will connect on the back end to share conversion and ad group data with AdWords and DoubleClick. Boost's system will share data on creative pieces and basic stats such as the number of click with AdWords, and conversion data with DoubleClick.

Marin will integrate directly with Boost Media's platform, allowing advertisers to approve the creative pieces within the company's user interface.

Boost focuses on crafting persuasive messages in more than a dozen local languages through a network of copywriters. Marin customers also will have an option to tap into Boost's testing technology to optimize search and social campaigns, to approve or reject digital ad copy, and gain access to report-generation workflow and ad copy optimization for joint customers.

As for the name change, BoostCTR no longer reflects the company's business model, which initially focused on solely optimizing search campaigns. During the past year the focus expanded to optimizing graphic display ads supporting companies like Zynga. The company also plans to extend services to support landing page and email, Greenbaum said.

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