Viewers Find New TV Shows Via Channel Surfing

Discovery of new TV shows still comes via traditional TV marketing platforms -- with channel surfing getting the highest results.

New research from the Consumer Electronics Association -- a study called “Video Content Discovery and Purchasing Trends" -- says flipping around the dial garners a 50% preference number among consumers.

On-screen program guides and TV promos/commercials are next, both at 47%. Farther down the list are word-of-mouth at 34% and network Web sites at 27%.

Results are somewhat similar when it comes to the discovery of all new movie content -- with 44% coming from TV channel surfing and 44% also coming from on-screen program guides, while 39% of consumers say previews/trailers at movie theaters; 39% from TV commercials; and 37% from word of mouth.

New and old TV-video devices are the places to watch streaming content: laptops, 52%; desktop PCs, 44%; HDTVs, 40%; smartphones, 32% and tablets, 31%.

Other research shows that slightly more than half of consumers -- 53% -- say they skip TV commercials. Almost 80% of online U.S. adults obtain video content from traditional television programming -- cable, satellite or fiber-to-the-home (telcos). Next comes DVD/Blu-ray discs, 66%; free video streaming services, 47%; and paid video streaming services, 37%.

Research came from a national sample via an Internet study of 1,001 U.S. adults. The report was designed and formulated by CEA Market Research.

"Watching TV" photo from Shutterstock.



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