VivaKi Taps Ifeelgoods To Personalize Real-Time Offers Based On Behavior

Publicis Groupe's VivaKi has inked a partnership with Ifeelgoods to offer advertisers a different type of promotion. It relies on personalizing the incentive through targeting options, based on the consumer's real-time behavior and contextual signals.

Ifeelgoods' technology replaces standard promotions, like buy-one-get-one-free, with an instant reward. Let's say a marketer from 1-800-flowers that is already targeting campaigns, based on what consumers "Like" on the social site, creates a Facebook campaign. Rather than give the consumer 10% of the purchase, the 1-800-flowers campaign might offer that consumer a free iTunes music download because he gave a thumbs-up to the music site in the past.

The platform matches rewards to behavior. In Facebook, the behavior becomes a "Like." It also allows marketers to create multiple promotions in minutes, providing a way to tap into public data through a variety of platforms like Facebook, Google, Bing and others.

Marketers choose from a catalog filled with more than 1,000 digital rewards, ranging from magazines to free movie tickets, ebooks, apps and gift cards, explains Michael Amar, co-founder and CEO ifeelgoods. The company works with more than 150 brands like Walmart, 1-800-Flowers, CocaCola, L'Oreal, Gap, 3M, Netflix, NBC Universal and PayPal to offer incentives and rewards based on behavior.

Gifts are categorized by gender, price and more. The system allows marketers to flag performance and run reports. It works across channels from social to video to search.

Search marketers can cut the cost per click (CPC) by bidding on paid-search keywords that relate to the campaign incentive rather than those tied to a specific holiday. As Mother's Day nears, a Flower store might want to bid on keywords related to a free video download from NBC Universal. It would then target consumers who have shown interest in movies released by the Comcast company.

Amar said marketers spend far less per CPC bidding on keyword-related words in the promotion, such as a video download vs. keywords related to flowers. "One retailer in the clothing business told us this strategy lowered their CPC by more than 25%," he said. 

The platform allows brands to replace generic offers with personalized experiences that can boost click-through rates, conversion and social shares.

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