Wahl Gets Men's Grooming Needs

Men are simple beings, and they want their grooming tips to be simple, too. To help men in a more complicated grooming world, Wahl, maker of clippers, trimmers and other products, has revamped its Internet presence to be a one-stop-shop for all their grooming needs. 

The new site, www.wahlgrooming.com, uses how-to tips, videos and styles in a bid to become a complete resource for hair and facial stylings. Reflecting Wahl’s company mantra, “Real Grooming for Real Guys,” the one-stop destination replaces company Web sites created for separate product lines, says Tom Watson, account director at HY Connect, the agency that created the site. 

“Men don’t differentiate the way the industry does between [hair] clippers and [beard] trimmers. They just see it as grooming,” Watson tells Marketing Daily. “The purpose of this was to create one easy-to-use Web  site, whether you want to trim your beard, grow a goatee or cut your hair.”



The site provides information for both hair tips and facial grooming. Hair styles on the site range from traditional buzz cuts to the more modern fade and peaked cuts. Facial hair resources include information on mustaches, beards, goatees and sideburns. Both sections of the site include step-by-step advice and information on the products required to achieve those looks.

“Not only does it teach them how to, it shows them the appropriate tools,” Watson says. “That’s kind of the missing piece that hasn’t been out there.”

The company will promote the site through a digital banner ad campaign for men’s grooming as well as through paid-search advertising, Watson says.

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