Pepsi, Samsung Ads Score At Oscars

Pepsi, Samsung and Google were among the big Oscar winners when it came to generating high digital interest from their Oscar TV commercials.

Pepsi was the leader in what, the real-time TV commercial tracking company, calls “SpotShare” -- the percentage of overall digital activity when looking at search, social actions, video views and comment. The soft-drink maker garnered 30.3% -- the highest among all Oscar TV advertisers.

Samsung was next with 8.03%, followed by Google at 7.4%, Cadillac at 6.5%, and Snickers at 6.45%.

In terms of generating specific social media activity, Samsung pulled in 6.75 million social media actions; Pepsi, 6.35 million; Google, 6.28 million; Snickers, 5.23 million; and Cadillac, 4.46 million.

Estimates of overall TV spending during the show had Samsung and Cadillac each at $11.9 million; JCPenney, $8.5 million; Apple, $6.8 million and Sprint, $5.95 million.

For the entire night of Oscar-related TV programming -- the “Oscar Red Carpet Live!” as well as the actual award show itself -- Samsung and Cadillac each ran 4.5 total minutes of TV advertising time; JCPenney ran three minutes; Sprint, 2.5 minutes; and McDonald’s, nearly two minutes.



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  1. James Bishop from B-to-B Digital Media LLC, March 5, 2014 at 6:40 a.m.

    BE AWARE: There is a corrected update on actual tweets that is substantially (Like from millions of tweets to actually single digit thousands) lower than the numbers above.

    Pepsi, 6,347
    Google, 6,278
    Snickers, 5,233
    Cadillac, 4,458


    Quite frankly, this is indicative of what many advertising agencies don't want to say out loud.... Social Media (at least in the form of the twitters, FB's, G+'s, etc...) has very little interactive traffic when it comes to TV...

    My two cents...

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