InPowered Opens Up Native Ad Platform

InPowered, which helps advertisers turn trusted third-party content about their products or services into native ads, is opening up its platform and making many of its services available for free, the company announced Tuesday morning. The free services include InPowered’s content discovery and basic amplification mechanisms; the company will still charge customers to use its paid amplification services.
Marketers will now be able to use the InPowered platform (for free) to search for brands, products or topics and then discover and share trustworthy content with their fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

The free services also include analytics functions that measure the impact of shared content, including reads and shares, as well as surveys which ask readers if they are more likely to consider a product or service after reading the third-party content.
InPowered co-founder and CEO Peyman Nilforoush explained: “Now you can go to our Web site, enter a search term and see all the third-party content people are creating about your brand, product, or service. It shows you in aggregate how many people have read each story about your brand, how many people have shared it, and how many people have liked it.”

After amplifying the content, “Statistics show you how many have read the article, time spent, and the increase in consideration of product,” he added.
For clients looking for even broader distribution, the company’s paid amplification services help identify top-performing content, then promote it as native ads via InPowered’s targeted distribution. The platform helps identify sites where the content will be most relevant and thus likely to engage readers. Distribution options include in-stream placement and native ads optimized for mobile.
“Finding quality, credible information on the topics your customers are interested in should not be something you have to pay for -- that’s something that everyone has a basic right to. Today, we’re making that accessible to all,” stated Nilforoush. By waiving the requirement that companies pay upfront, anyone can utilize the company's free content discovery.  “Then they can upgrade to paid amplification services, if they choose, for greater impact.”



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