Nielsen Adds Content Role, First Installment Was This Press Release

Nielsen Monday restructured its marketing and communications management team, announcing four key appointments, including a Chief Content Officer role. In making the announcement, Nielsen -- which has toyed with content publishing in the past, including a year-long test of a “Hey! Nielsen” blog aimed at consumers -- implied the new post is more of a marketing function than a new product, noting that that it will involve “Creating content that enhances Nielsen's value proposition to internal and external stakeholders.”

“Nielsen's knowledge base is so broad and deep that we have incredible potential to help shape conversations in the business world,” stated Saul Rosenberg, the long-time McKinsey & Co. executive, who was named Nielsen’s content chief.

In related moves, Nielsen announced three other senior marketing and communications posts, including two former American Express execs -- Marcy Shinder  and Greg Daniel -- as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Digital Marketing Officer, respectively, and Laura Nelson as Chief Communications Officer.

Nelson, a long-time TV network press relations executive, originally joined Nielsen a year ago as a senior vice president from Current TV, when Current was sold to Al Jazeera.



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