Adland's Millennials Are On A Mission

Millennials take a lot of ribbing for being self-absorbed, coddled and somewhat spoiled. All gross and unfair generalizations, of course. The ones on display at the 4A’s conference this week in Los Angeles -- part of a group of self-described “advocates” that are working with industry groups, including the 4As to spearhead changes in Adland -- appeared to be quite the opposite.

Not only were they poised and articulate on stage during a conference session on next-generation leadership, but they also showed that they think big. And they’re on a mission. Next summer in New York, some 120 millennial Adlanders will gather in New York to conduct a “resolve,” the purpose of which is come up with a plan to end world hunger.

The marathon session will also include experts on the subject who will speak to the group and help it forge a plan.

Bill Koenigsberg, the incoming chairman of the 4As and CEO of Horizon Media, said that the intent is for the “winning proposition” coming out of the gathering to be presented at the Cannes Lions festival in 2015.

The young leaders who will be attending the meeting need the support of their agencies in order to make the trip. Renetta McCann, Chief Talent Officer at Leo Burnett, said that agencies will be hearing more about the project in the coming months. “If you’re a CEO and you hear about this [effort], just sign the paperwork and send them,” she said.

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