ChargeAds Unveils New DSP For Medium, Large Agencies

ChargeAds, an ad technology provider that was founded in 2012, this week launched a demand-side platform (DSP), dubbed Oscar. The platform is geared for medium and large ad agencies.

The company has focused on private marketplaces and “programmatic direct” deals, and the new DSP reflects this, according to Mihai Fanache, founder and CEO of ChargeAds.

However, despite the belief that private marketplaces and programmatic direct deals require more human interaction, ChargeAds is looking to put more trust in computers when it comes to large-scale buys.

“We believe that most DSPs are overloaded with complexity and controls that should be triggered by computers, not humans,” Fanache said. The company believes private marketplaces and programmatic direct deals “have not been represented by quality, easy to use executions so far.”



No specific examples were given as to what ChargeAds automates, compared to what other DSPs may put in the hands of humans. The purpose of more automation is to make campaign adjustments more real-time and repeatable.

“It’s great for agencies to think that they’ve nailed the right strategy for their client today,” Fanache said. “But it’s unlikely that the same tweaks will work on the next campaign. And, with five or more creatives per campaign and thousands of publishers and placements, there are literally billions of possibilities available every second that no human can actually figure out.”

ChargeAds says its platform is connected to all major ad exchanges and gives access to over a billion RTB impressions each month.

The platform does offer multi-bid pricing -- meaning it can send information about every bid placed to the publisher, instead of just the highest bid -- but the rep said that most SSPs (supply-side platforms) don’t request it.

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  1. Alexander Edström from Admeta AB, March 20, 2014 at 2:57 a.m.


    Admeta is an SSP that supports multiple bids and also multiple bid seats for DSP aggregators.

    Alexander Edström
    CEO Admeta

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