ZO, Collective: TV Online Views Can Alter Marketing Plans

LOS ANGELES -- TV-related consumer activity online -- especially when it comes to interaction with TV networks’ Web areas -- increasingly has strong results when it comes to conversion to watching traditional TV viewing.

Presenting a joint effort and some TV results at the 4As Transformation event in Los Angeles, ZenithOptimedia and Collective, the programmatic/digital advertising technology company, showed how online visits could alter a marketer's media plans through TV Analytics, Collective’s research service.

When looking at viewers/consumers’ TV networks' home-page visits -- which are then converted to “purchasers” watching those respective traditional TV networks -- TLC, ABC Family, MTV, Bravo, TBS, Discovery Channel and FX scored high results.

Analyzing that list, John Nuding, senior vice president and director of research at ZenithOptimedia, said: “It speaks to family; maybe teenagers in those households.” That said, while MTV Web site numbers were high, a lower percentage were converted to traditional TV viewing.

ZenithOptimedia says Collective’s TV Analytics does not do the entire job of helping marketers best optimize their media plans. “It’s just one piece of the data puzzle,” says Nuding.

But ZenithOptimedia found that this data is of increasing importance; with TV Analytics weighted at up to 25% of any internal analysis when determining the best shows and networks for brands to buy.

Collective cites the importance of real-time online consumer data, which can change traditional TV spending -- not just marketers’ digital media spending. A 10% change in a marketers' traditional media buy can mean significant improvement.

"Watching TV" photo from Shutterstock.



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