Pereira & O'Dell Explains 'Hunkvertising' on Nightline

Hey - it's not often an ad agency gets to go on TV and talk about themselves. And no, AMC's "The Pitch" doesn't count. That's called going on TV and making an ass of yourself. For an ABC Nightline segment on the latest advertising trend, Hunkvertising, San Francisco-based Pereira & O'Dell made an appearance to discuss the trend. Featured in the segment were ECD Jaime Robinson and Chris Applebaum, director of the agency's recent Renuzit ad. In addition to discussing the, ahem, ins and outs of the trend, Nightline reporter Nick Watt appears in his own P&O'D-produced Hunkvertisement. Check out the segment here.

Hey - so here's a mashup of epic proportions. Remember that Wren video that had complete strangers kissing one another? And remember that creative dude named Jason Pickar who is vying for the top spot on LA 106 FM's Sho's Next Hip Hop MC Contest? Okay, got it? Now mash the two together and you have what Pickar calls “The Last FIRST KISS Parody You Need to See.” And, indeed it is. In the clip, Pickar foists his bearded largess upon a variety of men and women who, predictably, react with disdain and revolt. Personally, we like the Hispanic chick.



So back in the day when American Express CMO John Hayes was managing advertising programs, life was simple and very different. But not all that different. Speaking at this week's 4A's Transformation Conference, Hayes suggested agencies focus on what he calls Interpretation rather than just creative. There has certainly been a lot of advancement in technology, and that has drastically affected the flow of marketing from brands to consumers. He suggests agencies focus on interpreting how these changes are altering habits and behavior. He explains: “Too often we tend to think of change in a very singular mindset, technology. But technology is not the real issue, not the root cause. It’s an effect, for sure, but the real driver of societal change is society itself, not your smartphone.” Don't get caught up in the tech.

If you've toiled in the ad agency world for a lengthy period of time, you may from time to time feel as if you've lost your soul. Well, fear not. Burrell Communications Group Founder Tom Burrell has some sage advice for you and 5 tips on how to fit some social good into your daily routine of convincing people to buy things they neither need or want. His tips include focusing on talent, not status and embracing positive realism. Want to feel good? Get the dirt off your hands? Give Burrell's tips a read. At the end of the day, you'll feel better -- and you'll feel proud to share what you do all day with fellow parents at your kids' next school event

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