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Lidl's Advertising Strategy Turnaround From Price To Quality Sparks Boardroom Oustings

Lidl's new advertising campaign marks a dramatic shift in focus for the budget supermarket, and the switch in direction would appear to have led to a boardroom rift. The no-frills supermarket has appointed Sven Seidel as its new Chief Executive and Robin Goudsblom as its new purchasing CEO, responsible for marketing and buying. The appointments follow the departure of boss Karl-Heinz Holland and head of buying and marketing Dawid Jaschok. Lidl has confirmed both left because of 'unbridgeable' differing views of the future direction of the discount supermarket.

The new advertising campaign is a a major departure for the chain which has traditionally competed on price. Its Lidl Specials campaign, which began at the weekend, focuses on the quality of higher end items, such as as wine, desserts and chocolates.

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